About us

Ideal Consulting is a registered South African company specialising in professional Town & Regional Planning as well as Architectural Design, Urban Design, Planning Management & Project Management services.

 With experience of more than 30 years in the Town Planning and Property Development Industry, the Directors and Partners of the company have been instrumental in the development of mixed- use and integrated housing throughout South-Africa.

 Ideal Consulting have a network of well-established professional consultants to assist with a cost effective and efficient contribution towards the success of our projects to the benefit of our clients.


With great success we have been integrally involved with numerous developments in major metropolitan- and rural areas such as:

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Western Cape

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Free State

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North West

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Eastern Cape


Our approach

All professional services are based on sound Town Planning and Development Principles. The main focus of the company is to approach each project with the following principles to establish a timeous and cost-effective development:



Development plans are proposed in such a way to optimise each development and to minimise service reticulation to be used at an optimum.

This ensures that the provision of basic services to each proposed project is highly cost- effective.



Professional services are the key to the success of the personal relationship between the client and the consultant. This will ensure that the exact needs of the client can be accommodated within a project.

Personalised service guarantees that the client will be up to date with how the project progresses.



Ideal Consulting introduced planning management services to assist the client through proper management of both the pre-construction and planning processes.

Project management and facilitation services also form an integral part in the turnkey services that our company offers.



Ideal Consulting believes in the participation of all roll players before the submission stage of a project. This will ensure that all relevant inputs have been taken into account with the information submitted to the relevant authorities.

This process assists with expediting approvals.



Due to the multi-disciplinary approach of the company, many aspects of the project are being done internally such as the management, town planning and architectural services- this approach streamlines the process. Other services include but are not limited to land surveying, environmental impact assessments, engineering services and many more.



Ideal Consulting is a reputable and accountable company that is relevant and up to date with the latest trends of the industry.