Basic Services

Ideal Consulting offers a wide range of services within the property development industry. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Development Consultation

Ideal consulting consults on any type of development ranging from residential to commercial developments. We strive to deliver valuable development concepts which contribute to a more effective society and a better quality of living for all.

Town Planning Applications
Town Planning

Services of Ideal Consulting include the development and submission of applications in terms of the relevant legislations. Applications include rezoning, consent use, subdivision, consolidation, building line relaxation, township establishment etc.

Architectural Services

Services include all design stages from inception to the successful handover to the respective end-user/ client. We specialise in residential, commercial and industrial designs, including new buildings as well as alterations and additions.

Green & Sustainable Development Services
Green & Sustainable
Development Services

Ideal Consulting advocates for sustainable and functional planning, design, construction and operation of buildings and developments. We use the latest methods and technology to achieve green and sustainable developments. It is our vision that South- Africans live and work in healthy, efficient and productive buildings.

Supplementary Services

A unique service delivered by Ideal Consulting which facilitates particular development prospects. These services are in support of due diligence, land acquisition, development planning, urban design, project management, up to acquiring an occupational certificate and clearances.

Turnkey Developments
Turnkey Developments

Ideal Consulting provides specialised facilitation services in order to assist a client in delivering a turnkey development. These services comprise out of the application for the relevant land use rights up to the construction and completion of the desired development.


Additional services

  • Township Establishments
  • Extension and Incorporation of Township Boundaries
  • Excision of Agricultural Holdings
  • Amendment Schemes (Rezonings)
  • Planning & Project Management
  • Consent Uses
  • Consolidations
  • Subdivisions
  • Division of farmland
  • Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions
  • Precinct/ Structure Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Appeal Cases and Tribunal Hearings
  • Public Resorts
  • Building Line Relaxations
  • Architectural Services
  • Compilation and Submission of Building Plans
  • Compilation and Submission of Site Development Plans (SDP’s)
  • Planning Legislation (Municipal By-Laws, Land Use Schemes, SPLUMA etc.)

Other Associated Services

  • Consulting Electrical Engineers (Capacity Reports and Designs)
  • Consulting Civil Engineers (Engineering Services Report and Designs)
  • Traffic Engineers (Traffic Impact Assessments)
  • Environmental Consultants (Environmental Authorisations and Water Use Licenses)
  • Attorneys & Conveyancers (Legal Compliance and Transfers)
  • Geotechnical Engineer (Geotechnical Investigations)
  • Structural Engineers (Geotechnical and Structural Designs)
  • Urban Design (Urban Design Frameworks)
  • Land Surveyor (Cadastral survey, SG Diagrams & General Plans)